26 December 2015

We have been operating distribution service under the flag of LUST VESSEL DISTRIBUTION since 2012, as a blanch of direct mail-order section of the label LUST VESSEL officially established in 2008.

LVD is hosted by actual LV lineage and the comrades, located in all the myriad of trenches in Kanto region, JAPAN.

We approve uncompromising titles only and definitely focusing on Post-Mortem, Old-School Industrial, Power Electronics, Ritual / Esoteric Musick, Noise and the outlaws, we and you can trust as...

strictly tough material
with convincing contents
accompanied with quality productions
from enthusiastic acts and labels
holding aloft severe policy
substantiated firm attitude
standing on the abyss of actual life

Thee glory of D.I.Y.

Viva Industrial Culture.


You can purchase any items we handle via our store.

L U S T   V E S S E L   D I S T R I B U T I O N

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Please visit our store or write to lustvesseldistro [at] gmail [dot] com.
| Ordering inquiries via email must be accompanied by your name and actual mailing address.

All the prices of the titles launched on our store do NOT include postage cost. Once your order is processed, we would write you back with the invoice including postage cost. Otherwise just send an e-mail to the address above for ordering along with your name and actual mailing address.

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We accept the payment via PayPal in the Japanese Yen (JPY) for worldwide, and also Bank Transfer for domestic order only.

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Shipping & Delivery: 

DOMESTIC: ゆうパック / ゆうメール / 定型外郵便
OVERSEAS: AIR / SAL / EMS - shipping cost via Japan Post is much more reasonable than you expected.

If you prefer registered option with tracking number for AIR or SAL shipping, should be required additional 410 JPY to the total.

No longer available for registered option via SAL to following countries due to change of Japan Postal service.
> Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Hungary, Norway, Paraguay, Poland <

Please allow 72 hours for processing in our warehouse.

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General / Distribution Inquiry:

Please write to lustvesseldistro [at] gmail [dot] com or lustvessel [at] gmail [dot] com.
| As to distribution inquiry or promotional info, please send any messages to Lily Vice, a mastermind of Lust Vessel & LVD.

Please write any suggestions for your demo or our label works to Lily Vice directly via lustvessel [at] gmail [dot] com.
| Currently, Lily often leaves from our office / warehouse due to working for productions at his own sanctum Sacred Lust Studio. Please be patient for the reply from him.

- - -

LVD HQ Location:

All the myriad trenches in Kanto region, JAPAN
| All the orders should be shipped from Kanto area.